What is Behavioural Based Safety (BBS)?

Over 90% of accidents are caused by unsafe acts.

Behavioural based safety is a programme that creates a safety commitment between a number of people that continually focuses individuals attentions and actions on theirs, and others safe or unsafe behaviours.  Peoples behaviours largely dictate the acts they perform and the way in which they perform them repeatedly – a good behavioural based safety programme will address the behaviour by providing instant focused feedback, and will gain commitment from an individual to work safer in the future.

Reduce Accidents

  • Address the behaviours which could result in accidents
  • Recognize, evaluate and work to eliminate risk
  • Develop everyone’s hazard recognition skills
  • Encourage intervention to ensure any unsafe behaviour does not become an accident

Workforce Engagement

  • Involve everyone
  • Anyone can do it
  • Make it easy to record observations
  • Paperless programme
  • Practical and pragmatic approach
  • No names so no blame

Commitment To Work Safer

  • Demonstrate ownership for personal safety
  • Demonstrate ownership for safety of others
  • Provide instant and focused feedback
  • Focus on positive recognition of safe behaviour
  • Develop a strong safety culture
  • Everyone demonstrating safety leadership