I am using other software to record observations - how can you help improve this?

We can quickly develop a dashboard which matches your BBS system.  Our dashboard is designed within an established framework and we expect that this will satisfy the majority of client requirements.

Can you transfer existing data into the dashboard?

Yes – it should be possible to transfer your existing data and upload it to the dashboard.

Can you design the software to our specification?

Yes – within the dashboard design we have standard phrases or free text so that the dashboard completely represents your needs.

What support do you provide after implementation?

We will help you interpret the data to ensure that the output meets your business requirements and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Can I see the dashboard in use?

Yes and we strongly recommend that you arrange a demo.  Please go to the CONTACT US page and submit an enquiry as we are confident that when you see the dashboard in use your reaction will be “WOW”..

Can the dashboard be implemented remotely?

Yes – we can design the dashboard to your specification without the need to visit you.  This simplifies the process significantly and allows us to provide you with a high value low cost solution to managing behavioural safety.