Customer specific dashboard for BBS recording

Many companies use software which is either self-developed, overcomplicated, difficult to access, or reliant on administrators who collect information and record observations.  Training providers do not always offer a software solution for recording safety interactions and clients are therefore required to develop their own systems.

Our software will provide you with a powerful visible monitoring system to help you deliver your behavioural based safety program effectively and efficiently and will eliminate the pitfalls of ‘inaccessible recording systems’, excessive bureaucracy, and interactions being ‘too hard to record’.  Our software is user friendly, accessible for everyone, and incredibly easy to use.

We will provide a simple concept, quick metrics, and easy coaching and training – this is exactly what every business needs. 

Bespoke software and support to interpret the data

Our software comes with the following features:

  • Designed to your specification using a number of standard templates
  • On-site or off-site implementation
  • Supports any BBS training that you have already implemented
  • Accessible via 2 clicks without the need of a password
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Generates instant data and statistics
  • Multiple filters to highlight positive performance and opportunities for working safer
  • Powerful dashboard for quickly reviewing safety performance, and identifying improvement areas

Training in BBS and support for the implementation of customer specified dashboard

We have standard training packages ready to be delivered, or we can design programmes to meet your specific needs.

We will provide ongoing support to assist companies with the implementation and correct use of the dashboard:

  • Design and delivery of training programmes to meet your needs and culture
  • Provision of support to ensure that the training has been correctly interpreted and applied
  • Evaluation of dashboard information to ensure that it delivers safety improvement opportunities and safer behaviour