“The Hunterroberts team worked with the Chemtura (now Lanxess) global leadership team for four years to support the business transformation programme to set the business up for growth and acquisition.  The number one business priority for all leaders was an EHS target to have a critical incident and disaster strategy with zero tolerance for incidents and to create a sustainable mentality that all incidents are avoidable.  Barry did an outstanding job working with the leaders and manufacturing site teams across the UK introducing a pragmatic approach to behavioural based safety.  He invested a huge amount of time in coaching and developing people which resulted in changed mindsets and significantly more emphasis put on recording observations.  He has taken this experience and significantly improved how he delivers behavioural based safety in subsequent roles.  If your business is looking for someone to implement a behavioural based system that delivers on all levels I cannot more highly recommend Barry’s approach to satisfying your requirements.”

Susy Roberts

Managing Director, Hunterroberts Consulting

“I’d worked with Barry before at Chemtura and it was clear that his Operational Excellence background has added another dimension to his EHS key service offering. Barry has not only moved our site into a new era of process safety performance but has helped us achieve new levels of employee engagement with a bespoke Behavioural Based Safety system. 18 months ago, I would not have believed it possible to expect employees and contractors to be recording as many as 1000 observations per month (most of them ‘ALL SAFE’ I should add). Not only did Barry lead in the system design but he also delivered training to over 200 staff in its use. We now have a real time tool to focus our efforts to keep our site safe.”

Lee Kingsbury